Have you ever wondered how to make the most of a small bathroom? It’s something we get asked a lot – what we recommend for small bathrooms – so, let’s share some of our ideas. And let’s take a look at a recently installed bathroom, supplied by our Shepton Escape Bathroom Showroom that put these ideas into practice.

  1. Plan to get lots of light in
    a. Light has the ability to make a room feel bigger and more welcoming – we recommend you make the most of all sources of light. This bathroom in Shepton uses a large illuminated mirror cabinet and spotlights to brighten the space.
  2. Choose a wall-hung WC
    a. As well as looking stylish, a wall-hung WC frees up floor space which favourably alters the perception of a small bathroom. We suggest comparing and contrasting several WCs to see how you feel they affect your bathroom space. We would happily assist you with this.
  3. Find the right basin unit
    a. Choosing the right basin unit – with the right storage capacity for you – is key to keeping a small bathroom clutter free, allowing you to make the most of your space.

If you’re thinking of a new bathroom, whatever size your space is – you will find plenty of inspiration at our Escape Bathroom Showrooms. Our friendly teams are always happy to help of offer guidance on the right bathroom for you.